2020/ 2021

The photos derive from my performances in landscape, they are videostills. After fifteen years working on stage as a professional dancer (in Indian classical Dance), my body movements as well as my energetic perception of them reveal their importance for the creation of visual art. These works focus on a close relationship with nature and I share my attempt to create an intuitive communication as well with my subconscious aspects as with natural phenomena by “inserting myself” into the landscape.

The photos are exhibited as framed prints on canvas, in the format 50 x 70 cm.

I use photography for an aesthetic encounter between different artistic languages: Some videostills contain my paintings and filmed drawings trying to stimulate a complex perception of both the realm of the unconscious and natural phenomena.

To some of the paintings of the serie “Embracing”, I added in the fotos the shadows of the plants in my garden, so these works are „hybrids“, oscillating between photography and painting. I intend to enhance the aspects of psychological projection in human relationships. Therefore I chose to play with Light and Shadow in a way that reminds of focussed stage light in opera and theater. I am interested in the way the „physical world“, represented by trees and flowers that contribute their silhouettes to my works, is entering into the world of imaginary painting.

My photo series are created as photographed stills from my videos, since movement, its energetic perception and fading are constituent parts of my photographic work.
The fusion of body, landscape and light reflexes visualizes my need for a relationship to my environment based on openness and empathy. I intend to sensitize the perception for just this relationship.

My performances function as personal rituals, supported by the creation of the video at the same time, which intensifies an almost hypnotic concentration.

The photos are exhibited as framed prints on canvas, in the format 50 x 70 cm.