Series of Paintings, Mixed Media, Watercolor and Gold Leaves 22 Karat on Cotton Paper,
40 x 50 cm, 30 x 42 cm
2018, 2019

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To realize this project, I went from Berlin to the Italian Riviera Coast. While painting on the rocks of Nervi, I establish a silent dialogue with the sea and its waves that are surrounding me. This arouses in me almost meditative energetic and emotional processes, which I transfer with watercolors.

„ANIMA MARE/ SOUL SEA“ visualizes an encounter with the mediterrean sea, developing empathy with it and broadening my horizons by sensitizing my perception. I feel the sea current inside me, its perpetual motion.
This leads me to question my concepts of identity and boundaries.

I see my watercolour paintings as scores inspired, at the same time, by the observation of the sea, its influence on me, but also by the musical improvisation I do with my clarinet:

Scores that allow me to establish an immediate contact between physical/ emotional/ energetic sensations and the perception of the whirling sea, as a way to widen the boundaries of this conglomerate that I am calling „me“.

I am influenced by the Californian philosopher Donna Haraway, in particular by her famous book „The Companion species Manifest”.
In this text she describes the empathic and affectionate relationships between the various species with which to maintain relations without hierarchy.
In fact the word „companion/companion” in my project refers to the sea that I adore every day.

I say thank you to the sea for the openness which it offers to my mind, always reminding me of the archaic origins of mankind literally born in the ocean.
I say thank you to the sea for its friendship.
My paintings are a diary of this friendship. . .

The infinitude of the sea confronts my finitude.
The infinity of the sea opens the space for encounters between energetic sensations and fresh thoughts – how could I caress the ocean, looking for an empathic, less destructive, even affectionate relationship with Nature?

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