Project: Scores

Mixed Media Paintings and Drawings, 70 x 100cm, 40 x 50 cm, 23 x 30 cm, 2021

In these paintings and drawings I develop an intuitive notational system, a performative visual writing practice that is at once personal and transparent, permeable and open to multi-layered interpretation.

The painterly/drawing scores are both recordings, instructions for action, and contemplations of energetic processes.
Accordingly, they are multi-perspectival in nature:
They originate in diary-like emotional fragments, in an imagined look inside my body, visualizing how new synapses are formed, in a notated observation of the movement of the sea, in rhythmic and tonal structures of my clarinet improvisation,  or in free movement meditations in nature and public space.

Processes of condensation, dissolution and transformation come together to form a visual composition, a network of superimposed energetic structures, which in turn functions as a “graphic score” for improvisations of all kinds:
Thus, these works are literally an “invitation to improvisation,” an attempt to offer an open structure that, in the context of the exhibition, offers visitors a complex system of reference as a free “score.”

The drawing/painting notations function as a stimulus for free associations, and can be “translated” into music, voice experimentation, free movement, or even narration, for example.

I offer short performances to encourage improvisational actions that go beyond categorization and induce a relaxed state in which playfulness takes an important place.
Overall, an invitation to open up to energetic perception with the goal of increased openness, permeability, and joy.

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