Series of Paintings, Mixed Media, Acrylic, Tempera, Watercolor and Gold Leaves 22 Karat on Canvas and on Cotton Paper 300g/ 600g, 2018 – 2024

100 x 70 cm, 40 x 50 cm, 21 x 30 cm

My paintings are not abstract.
They are invitations, gateways to enter a shared energetic space.

Paintings depicting the positive energy of creation itself, visualizing structures found in nature: in the sea, in the designs of birds and butterflies, and in cell structures.

I transmit the uplifting energies I perceive while painting in nature in my works to the viewer.

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My paintings, in a series of projects, are reflecting an inherent connection with the dynamics of forces of nature: The works are testimonials of meditative processes, based on a perception which tries to get in touch with the energetic flow that we call „life“.

There is a perseverant constancy of forms in Nature. We find it even when it is not motivated by rational impulses, by the urge to imitate other forms, or in aero and hydrodynamic contexts.
The octopus resembles the tuft of algae, the ginseng root to a small man, the fish to the flower.
It’s an evidency that excludes any randomness.

How to be seen clearly in the works of any authentic artist, the creative force – or God, or Nature, however we could choose to call it here – has, fundamentally, an infinite variety of appearances, a coherence immediately visible to the attentive eye.
Carolina Goedeke went to the origin of this source, and reveals it in a vivid and oscillating but equally cohesive synthesis.
What she calls absence of rational control is her ability to commit herself to the resonance with Nature and transmit it to us with colours.
Vice versa, maybe, those who see her watercolor paintings will then more easily, and more willingly, perceive this joyful background note within.

My art is a mirror:
what you discover within today
maybe it won’t be the same thing that you’ll recognize tomorrow.
And so the paintings speak
About you too.

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