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Carolina Goedeke is an interdisciplinary artist based in Berlin, Germany, and Genoa, Italy.
Within a range of international Exhibitions and Performances she is shaping processes of transformation, presenting a synthesis of Painting / Drawing, Video Installation, Photography, Performance and Clarinet Music.

In all her art projects, she is dealing with identity, transformation and empathy.
Her work is influenced by a diversity of spiritual procedures from eastern and western cultures, like shamanism and buddhism, as well as by the Californian philosopher Donna Haraway („The companion species Manifesto“) and by the German Philosopher/ Biologist Andreas Weber (“Alles fühlt”).
She is researching and visualizing a sensitive relationship towards “Nature” while questioning the solidity of the boundaries between human beings, animals, trees, oceans and mountains.

Since 1999 her Paintings, Dance Performances and Video Installations are presented in Museums, Galleries and international Cultural Institutions. In 2012 her work as a Dance Performer was portrayed in Public German TV (ARTE, ZDF).


Solo Shows at Torre Gropallo, Genoa Nervi, Italy; Galerie Weißer Elefant, Berlin; Museum Sestri Levante /Italy; Castello di Nervi, Genoa/ Italy; Galeria hinterconti, Hamburg/ Germany; Indian Embassy, Berlin (Selection)

Group Shows and Performances at Museo del Mare, Genoa/ Italy; Gasteig Munich, Germany; Museum for Asian Art, Berlin;  Sophiensaele Berlin; Ethnological Museum, Berlin; Theater Yavanika, Bangalore/ India; Museum for Modern Art Yekaterinburg / Russia; Indian Film Festival Stuttgart/ Germany; International Festival of Arts; Ulan Bataar/ Mongolia; Museum für Sepulkralkultur Kassel / Germany; Theater Eigenreich, Berlin; Shivaratri Festival, Bangalore/ India; Theater pasinger fabrik, Munich; Spitz Club, London; Public German TV ARTE and ZDF. (Selection).

Her works belong to private collections in Europe, Asia and America.

As a Clarinetist she performed in 2016 at Philhamonie Berlin (with Sinfonie Orchestra Schöneberg), at Casa della Musica, Genoa and at Galata Museo del Mare, Genoa, as well as she is creating Soundtracks for her Video Installations.


1973 Born in Munich, Germany
1986- 90 Studying Clarinet (Classical, Improvisation) at Musikschule Neubiberg/ Munich, Concerts as Soloist with Orchestra and Chamber Music
1993- 94 Assistant Stage Designer at Volkstheater, Munich
1994- 00 Studying Visual Arts – Painting, Performance, Video and Filminstallation – at Academy of Fine Arts, Munich with Prof. Robin Page and Prof. Klaus vom Bruch
1995 Assistant Director at Modernes Theater Munich
1998- 99 Studying Visual Arts at HdK Berlin with Prof. Katharina Sieverding and Experimental Film with Prof. Heinz Emigholz and with Freie Klasse, Guest Student at Volksbuehne Berlin / Prater, with Christoph Schlingensief, “Wahlkampfzirkus /Chance 2000”
2000 Diploma in Fine Arts, Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, with Video Artist Prof. Klaus vom Bruch

2000 and 2002 Studying Classical Indian Bharata natyam Dance in Chennai / India with Savithri Jagannatha Rao / Kalakshetra Foundation as part of the Long-Term -Project “Becoming an Indian Dancer”
2001- 04 Studying Classical Indian Bharata natyam Dance in Berlin at Rajyashree Ramesh Academy for Performing Arts
2004-05 Scholarship by Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) for Classical Indian Dance Performance at Ponnaiah Lalitakala Academy, Bangalore.

From 2000 till 2017 she conducted regularly Workshops (Visual Arts, Performance) and Guided Tours in important cultural institutions in Berlin:
Berlinische Galerie, Museum of European Cultures, Museum for Asian Art, Ethnological Museum, Egyptian Museum, Museum of Painting (Gemäldegalerie), Robert Bosch Stiftung, Lange Nacht der Museen, Institut für berufliche Bildung und Weiterbildung, Poesiefestival Berlin 2007.




CONCERTS AND PERFORMANCES with her DUO MOZART CRYSTALS (Carolina Goedeke, Clarinet/Painting and Karina Stieren, Violin/ Composition): Improvisation inspired by Carolinas Paintings and Classical Music

Galleria d’Arte Contemporanea Lazzaro, Genoa; Galleria Cella Contemeporary Art Space, Santa Margherita Ligure-Portofino; Semidarte, Santa Margherita Ligure-Portofino; Oratorio dei Ss. Nazario e Celso, Genoa; and many more


SOLO SHOW, a journey into my ocean deep inside, Painting, Video, Music-Performances, Museum Sestri Levante, Italy

BLU OLTREMARE, GROUP SHOW, Galata Museo del Mare, Genoa, VIDEO / FOTOGRAPHY, “I speak to the Sea / Dances for a lost Springtime”


#ioDipingoACasa, GROUP SHOW, Cella Temporary Space, Santa Margherita Ligure-Portofino, PAINTINGS

MOSAIC, GROUP SHOW, Palazzo Ducale Genoa, Spazio 46, curated by Virginia Monteverde, PAINTINGS



LUCCA ART FAIR, Italy; PAINTINGS and VIDEO INSTALLATIONS „Becoming an Indian Dancer“ and „L’ Oceano Arioso““

SOLO SHOW, ANIMA MARE, Castello di Nervi, Genoa: PAINTINGS, Videoinstallation „L’ Oceano Arioso“, and Concerts, curated by Barbara Cella

GROUP SHOW, MEMORY BOX, Castello di Nervi, Genoa, VIDEO INSTALLATION „Birds and Resiliency“

SOUND IMPROVISATION / PERFORMANCE: Castello di Nervi, Genoa: Bruno Gussoni,Flute; Iao Aea, Bass Guitar; Carolin Goedeke, Dance Improvisation and Bassett Clarinet; in the Exhibition “Flowers of Distraction” by Massimo Barlettani
CLARINET SOLO, IMPROVISATION, Vernissage ‘Pensieri d’acquerello’, Castello di Nervi, Genoa, Italia

ARTE GENOVA, ART FAIR, Video Installation: “L’ Oceano Arioso”, Painting: Paradiso #3

CONCERT, CASA DELLA MUSICA, GENOA, Disaster Area featuring Carolin Goedeke (Clarinet) live; SOUND IMPROVISATION with Iao Aea: fretless electric bass, Claudio Ferrari: electronics, Bruno Gussoni: flutes, birdcalls
SOUND IMPROVISATION, MUSEO DEL MARE, GENOA, “Echoes of Navigation / Songs of the whales”, with Bruno Gussoni, Flute; Iao Aea, Bass Guitar; Carolin Goedeke, Bassett Clarinet


Solo – Clarinet: Clarinet Concerto, W.A. Mozart, KV 622, Original Version for Bassett Clarinet, Fontanehaus, Berlin; degewo Gallery Remise, Berlin
Drawing – Performance: AGB Library Berlin, Celebration of the Jubilee

Solo – Performances “BECOMING AN INDIAN DANCER? Bharata natyam”, Ressort Schwielowsee / Potsdam / D

CLARINET: Philharmony Berlin, Symphony Concert with Sinfonieorchester Schoeneberg, Béla Bartók, Concerto for Orchestra

2014 – 2015
Interdisciplinary Theater Production,“MAHATMA & MOZART”, from and with Carolina Goedeke and Manuela Hoffmann, Theater Pasinger Fabrik, Munich and Indian Embassy, Berlin

2013 – 2015
Regularly Solo-Performances and Workshops “BECOMING AN INDIAN DANCER? Bharata natyam & Bollywood” at Ethnological Museum and Museum for Asian Arts, Berlin

Performances, “DANCING WITH NATURE”, „BECOMING AN INDIAN DANCER“, Duo with Manuela Hoffmann, Optikpark Rathenow; Himmelpfort / Brandenburg

Performances for German Public TV: ARTE and ZDF, “BECOMING AN INDIAN DANCER? Bollywood”, Ensemble Carolin Goedeke / Indischer Tanz Berlin

Performances and Workshops “BECOMING AN INDIAN DANCER“, Duo with Manuela Hoffmann; Robert Bosch Stiftung, Berlin
Fine Arts / Drawings and Performances for NABU (Bund Naturschutz), HUMANIMALS

Interdisciplinary Theater, Solo, “KALIS RITEN REVUE”, Sophiensaele, Berlin

Solo-Exhibition, “AMBIVALENT DRAWINGS”, and Solo-Performance, “In memoriam Anita Berber”, Feminist Center Ewa, Berlin
Solo-Performances “BECOMING AN INDIAN DANCER? Bollywood” at Indian Filmfestival, Stuttgart / Germany

2009 – 2010
Visual Theater Production, “HORRORVACUI”, with Carolina Goedeke, Dr. Nojoke and Knud Strick-Schulz, Speicher, Husum / Germany; Theater Eigenreich, Berlin

Solo-Performance “BECOMING AN INDIAN DANCER? Shiva”, Museum für Sepulkral-Kultur, Kassel
Solo-Performance “BECOMING AN INDIAN DANCER? Bharata natyam”, Theater Pasinger Fabrik, Munich

2007 -2009
Regularly Solo-Performances, “KALEIDOSCOPE”, Dance/ Painting/ Video, Indian Embassy, Berlin; BLO Festival Berlin

2007 – 2015
Regularly Solo-Performances, Lectures and Workshops: “BECOMING AN INDIAN DANCER? Bharata natyam”, at Museum for Asian Art, Berlin and Ethnological Museum, Berlin; Intercultural Week Erfurt; Designmai Berlin; Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin

2004 – 2005
Solo-Performances in India: “BECOMING AN INDIAN DANCER? Bharata natyam”, International Festival of Arts, Bangalore; Shivaratri Festival, Bangalore; Performances in India, Duo with Rajyashree Ramesh: Bharata Vidya Bhavan, Bangalore; Sreyas Centre, near Bangalore; Bharata natyam

2003 – 2004
Solo-Exhibition “In Between Worlds”, Gallery Weisser Elefant, Berlin, “BECOMING AN INDIAN DANCER? Paintings”, and Filminstallation “TRAUMRAUM”
Solo-Exhibition “Female Icons”, Indian Embassy, Berlin, BECOMING AN INDIAN DANCER? Paintings and Bharata natyam”

Performances in India, Duo with Rajyashree Ramesh in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and at Konzerthaus Berlin, “BECOMING AN INDIAN DANCER? Bharata natyam”

Her own Visual Theater Production “GÖTTERTOURENZWISCHENWELTEN”, Duo with Manuela Hoffmann, ACUD-Theater, Berlin



Group Exhibition and Performances, “LoniCera, DANCING WITH NATURE”, with Ella von der Haide, Ökowerk, Berlin
Group Exhibition “Schmücken”, with Ella von der Haide, aspekte gallery, Gasteig, Munich, Videoinstallation, DANCING WITH NATURE

Performances with Rajyashree Ramesh, “BECOMING AN INDIAN DANCER? Bharata natyam”, Haus am Waldsee, Berlin
Visual Theater Production “Kali and Shiva”, Duo with Manuela Hoffmann, Museum’s Long Night, Gasteig, Munich

Exhibition of Diploma-Works at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, Film-Installation, TRAUMRAUM
Solo-Exhibition at Hinterconti Gallery, Hamburg, “BECOMING AN INDIAN DANCER? Drawings”

Land-Art-Symposium “Living Form”, Yekaterinburg, Russia, “DANCING WITH NATURE”, Performances, Exhibition at Museum of Modern Art,Yekaterinburg, Russia; with Oleg Lieszow and Tanja Badanina (Moscow)

Group Exhibition,“Body Check”, aspekte gallery, Gasteig, Munich, Film-Installation “Kara”
Interactive Performances, Pirates”, with Carolina Goedeke, Jana Korb and Ella von der Haide, Alexanderplatz (public space), Berlin

Group Exhibition and Performances: “The New Baroque”, with Liane Lang, Spitz Club London

Journey to Mongolia with Katja Dreyer and Dutch Performance Group “Balloon Company”, Clarinet Performances (Improvisation) in Ulan Bataar

Performance with GMAM at International Festival of Young Theater, Erlangen / Germany
1995- 98
Site-specific and interactive Performances with artist-collective GMAM, Munich – in deserted buildings, water tanks…