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IL SECOLO XIX, Genova, 01.10.2020

SOLO SHOW 2018: ANIMA MARE, Nervi Castle, Genova, curated by Barbara Cella (Exhibition) and Anita Chieppa (Events)



Torre Gropallo, Genoa Nervi, Italy, September 2019

In this exhibition the artist invites visitors to enter her artistic diary:

Two years ago Carolina Goedeke moved from Berlin to Genoa Nervi, where she paints on the rocks establishing a silent dialogue with the surrounding nature. These works, 35 watercolour paintings and drawings, always created confronting the sea, can be seen as intuitive maps, visualizing energetic processes of internal change:
 A voyage inside my body / Inspired by the observation of the waves/  It’s the current of the sea I feel inside me/ Its perpetual motion makes me question my ideas of identity and boundaries

Paintings as an antidote against stagnation. . . watching nature, at the same time observing the flow of energy inside one’s own body. During the process of painting, the unconscious is creating meanings, without a rational control of the artist: Floating with its own rhythm, as in music, one tune follows the other continuously.

So the paintings offer each visitor his or her own individual interpretation. Carolina’s visual diary speaks not only of an individual journey, but also of broader, archetypal, even mystical processes that seek dialogue with the viewer.

Supported by Pro Loco Nervi, Comune di Genova, Municipio lX Levante


There is no memory without oblivion
18 artists in comparison
18 boxes in balance
Between memory and forgetfulness

May – June 2018
Nervi Castle, Genoa, Italy

Curated by Acciughefelici, Cultural Association


Video – Installation, Loop, 14 minutes, Berlin-Genoa, 2017/18, Language: English, exhibited with Italian Translation attached

My father, born 1934 in Berlin in a Prussian family, is telling to me his memories of war and refuge in Eastern Prussia which I am quoting in this video:

Selected Memories of my father’s childhood since 1939 in Berlin, Koenigsberg (Kaliningrad) and Ostseebad Rauschen (Svetlogorsk ll) and his refuge from Frombork (Poland) 12 km across the frozen Baltic Sea to Frisches Haff and then via Gdansk /Hela to Denmark in April 1945.

This video is not a historical documentation, indeed I am emphasizing mental states of hope and calming:
“Resiliency” means the capacity of the human soul to overcome traumatic experiences by establishing a positive power within.
I am combining these personal texts, seen from a child’s perspective, with abstract / surreal performance scenes set in nature and referring to birds.
The ability of Resiliency seems to me a very important one in times of migration, war, refuge or natural disasters.
My fathers source of Resiliency is rooted in his empathic affection for nature, especially for birds, whereas in many cases the process of creating art itself is appearing as a supportive resource.


Nervi Castle, Genova
September 2018

curated by Barbara Cella

Carolina Goedeke brings to Nervi Castle a work focused on her relationship with the sea, inspired by the light and waves of Liguria. While painting on the rocks of Nervi, she establishes a silent dialogue with the surrounding nature. This arouses meditative energetic and emotional processes in her, which she transfers onto the sheet of paper, creating vividly coloured watercolours and thus creating a dreamlike and imaginative space.

These works are complementary to the videos she makes, combining the sound of her clarinet with the images derived from her experiences and sensations aroused by this communion with the sea and nature. „I am convinced that we need an empathic relationship with nature to be more capable of protecting it. A distant appreciation does not seem to me sufficient, so a „mystical”; approach could be useful: Feeling more united for a moment allows us to forget the boundaries between us, between different species and between the phenomenas of nature“.

The Paintings, Video Installation and Clarinet Performances find their natural location in Nervi Castle, where they produce a continuous visual and sensory reference to the sea entering through the windows open on the horizon.
For his project, Carolina Goedeke moved from Berlin to Genoa Nervi in 2017. Being an interdisciplinary artist, she develops a synthesis between visual arts, music and performance focused on the exploration of empathic relationships between humans and nature, where she questions the solidity of the boundaries between them.

Her artworks reveals a specific combination of these different artistic languages, in which her paintings are conceived and inserted in the wider projects of performance and Videos, accompanied by the sound of her clarinet: A continuous oscillation of sound and visual sensations.

During the inauguration there will be a screening of the video „The Airy Ocean“.

(Barbara Cella)

Exhibition patronized by the Municipality of Genoa and the Town Hall lX Levante

Every Saturday and Sunday h. 19. 00-19,30: „Colors of the Clarinet”; musical performance by Carolina Goedeke in reference to the works of the exhibition
Friday 14th September h. 19. 00 „Anima mare“, sound improvisations with Bruno Gussoni (flutes), Riccardo Canessa (bass guitar) and Carolina Goedeke (clarinet) in rererence to the exhibited Paintings


Fotos: Lucia Luce, Furio Belloro, Raffaella Renzoni Rubino, Carolina Goedeke