Series of Paintings, Mixed Media, Watercolor and Gold Leaves 22 Karat on Cotton Paper
35 x 51 cm, 30 x 42 cm, 21 x 30 cm
2019, 2020

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These works function as maps of intuitive psychological processes.
My practice is influenced by some exercises in trauma therapy and my experiences with Chi Gong (physical and energetic training of ancient China).

The perception of continuous movement is fundamental in Buddhist philosophy which maintains that any resistance to transformation or change creates suffering:
I start my process of painting confronting myself with a disturbing uncertainty and while creating, I perceive an energetic change, a flow that begins to move inside me and to which I dedicate myself, which finally leads me towards sort of a transformation.

I try to transmit this perception of fluidity and permeability with colors on paper.
The chaotic vortexes of the beginning become more structured and pacified with the use of bright colours.

My visual diary speaks not only about an individual journey, but also about a broader, archetypal, even mystical process that seeks its dialogue with the viewer.

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