Series of Paintings, Mixed Media on Canvas and on Cotton Paper 300g/ 600g,
70×100 cm, 75 x 55 cm, 60 x 80 cm, 40 x 50 cm, 30 x 42 cm, 24 x 33 cm,
2020, 2021

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Serie:”Embracing”: After years of the creation of abstract paintings, I started during the Lockdown to draw mainly faces, people and animals – all kinds of imaginary friends as a counterpart against the forced solitude.
I was missing the physical contacts (not the virtual ones) with the „world out there“ so much, that I used painting as a method of visual incantation.
In times of Corona the body is perceived more and more as a source of danger, or as being in risk – so I decided to draw lots of embraces as a counterpoint and optimistic vision.
The couples on the paintings in this series are not only intended to represent a relationship between men and women or between women and women, although I like that the viewers remain flexible to take their individual point of view with respect to gender issues. Instead, it is an attempt to visualize love in a broader sense: like a healer’s embrace or love within oneself for the own problematic or immature parts.

Serie: „Learning from Animals“: Large paintings, in which I depict animals not only as friends, but also as teachers who have a lot to transmit. I am influenced by the Californian Philosopher Donna Haraway, in particular by her famous book „The Companion species Manifest”. In this text she describes the empathic and affectionate relationships between the various species with which to maintain relations without hierarchy.


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