Series of Drawings and Paintings, Mixed Media, Watercolor and Gold Leaves 22 Karat on Cotton Paper
60 x 80 cm, 40 x 50 cm, 30 x 42 cm, 24 x 33 cm
2018, 2019, 2020

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I am interested in the representation of the different birds as very powerful mythical symbols:
The Phoenix that comes out of the fire reborn, the so-called „Simurg”, a bird like an enlightened being that belongs to the Sufi religion, or the Eagle that is a holy animal of several native religions, or the parrots that represent eternal love in ancient India. . .

In all these very different cultures these birds function as positive symbols, for rebirth, for the ability to fly with a flexible mind, for love and for the power of the soul to seek and maintain a spiritual path.
So in short, a symbol of great optimism, not to surrender to any difficulty.

A series of Line-Drawings that tells about a state of mind in which all the diverse languages – those of human beings, animals, plants, stones, mountains, clouds, sea. . . are well understood in silence.

I think that for a more responsible sensitivity to the protection of the biosphere, only scientific information is not enough.
In my opinion, a more empathic, even amicable, relationship with nature is needed to feel part of it in a more profound way, as the German Biologist /Philosopher Andreas Weber elaborates in his book „Alles fühlt” („Everything feels”).

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