Series of Drawings and Paintings, Mixed Media on Cotton Paper and Fotos
60 x 80 cm, 40 x 50 cm, 30 x 42 cm, 24 x 33 cm

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After years of the creation of abstract paintings, I started during the Lockdown to draw mainly faces, people and animals – all kinds of imaginary friends as a counterpart against the forced solitude.
I was missing the physical contacts (not the virtual ones) with the „world out there“ so much, that I used painting as a method of visual incantation.
In times of Corona the body is perceived more and more as a source of danger, or as being in risk – so I decided to draw lots of embraces as a counterpoint and optimistic vision.
The couples on the paintings in this series are not only intended to represent a relationship between men and women or between women and women, although I like that the viewers remain flexible to take their individual point of view with respect to gender issues. Instead, it is an attempt to visualize love in a broader sense: like a healer’s embrace or love within oneself for the own problematic or immature parts.

To some of the paintings, I added in the fotos the shadows of the plants in my garden, so these works are „hybrids“, oscillating between photography and painting. I intend to enhance the aspects of psychological projection in human relationships. Therefore I chose to play with Light and Shadow in a way that reminds of focussed stage light in opera and theater. I am interested in the way the „physical world“, represented by trees and flowers that contribute their silhouettes to my works, is entering into the world of imaginary painting.



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